UFCW Stewards

“When people come from other countries, even in small groups they should not feel alone. We’re all Union. All brothers and sisters. We deserve better quality of life no matter where we came from.” –Kevin Diale, Chief Steward, 19 years at JBS

As union members, we are all responsible for advocating respect on the job and making sure we’ve got each other’s backs, but some UFCW members choose to take a more active role as stewards of our workplaces. Union stewards step up, either by election or appointment, to make sure when we reach agreements with employers, that they hold up their half of the bargain. They make sure their coworkers know what the benefits and policies the UFCW has worked out with the company are, and they welcome new members who may never have had the opportunity to be part of a union before. They also accompany coworkers at disciplinary meetings and find resolution to workplace issues as peers with management.

It is important to know who the stewards are at your workplace so you know who to turn to if you have any questions or concerns. If you aren’t sure, you can call your local union office and they will help you find out who to talk to.

Stewards Handbook

Stewards Training Materials on Member Activist Toolkit